A Swiss Solution to the Global Climate Crisis

CO2-Free SuperSonic Intercity and Transcontinental Travel.

We aim to reduce the CO2 Emissions of the Transportation Industry by 20% (1’000’000’000 Tons annually).
Switzerland has adopted our system for its SwissMetro-NG Project: Parliamentary Decision 17.3262.

The resistances to movement and speed are removed instead of burning Oil to fight them. Rolling resistance is eliminated with magnetic levitation, whilst air resistance is removed with vacuum in the network of tunnels which serve as tracks. SuperSonic speeds become technically possible, economically feasible and environmentally friendly. It outperforms the competition (short-haul aviation) with a faster and better service. This is more effective than Carbon Taxes and/or Carbon Capture. It can build networks to span whole continents and it offers the capacity, safety and comfort needed in our modern time and age.

It fulfils the needs of our modern civilisation, and it makes even more sense in the world of tomorrow.