Advantages of the VacTrain®

Speed, Capacity, Safety, Comfort, Costs, CO2 and the Protection of our Landscapes, Cities and Environment

VacTrain® will beat Short-haul Aviation, Highways, Railways and Hyperloop in every comparison. It is CO2-Free and protects our landscapes, cities, environment and health. It is affordable and offers great economic benefits to the countries it serves.

Compositions have 1’200 seats and dual tracks can satisfy demand on all travel relations in Switzerland and in countries around the world. This resolves the criticism of Swissmetro 1999 by the Swiss Government (small vehicles with 200 seats). Hyperloop proposes even smaller vehicles (28 passengers) and this only makes the capacity problem worse. The vehicle frequency cannot be increased indefinitely as they propose (safety, braking distance). This concept just does not work, despite the promotion by celebrities and thousands of over-enthusiastic students. It cannot possibly satisfy any significant demand.

The VacTrain® has adopted and improved the safety concept of the Shinkansen of Japan, which has
a perfect safety record since its inception in 1964 (Zero fatalities). This is a significant contrast to Hyperloop and to the safety concept of road transportation (annual deaths: 1’350’000 / 85’000 / 40’000 / 207’000 / 261’000 in the World / Europe / USA / India / China).

Performance & Comfort
The VacTrain® will reach a Speed of 1000 km/h within 5 Minutes. It is faster but also more comfortable than competitors. It caters for the elderly and the disabled. It offers direct access to the city-centres. Trips to/from airports become redundant.

Low Costs
In urban areas and in mountainous terrain, expropiations and tunnels drives up the costs of High Speed Rail. The VacTrain® will be less expensive. VacTrain® tunnels are many times thinner and 4-6 times less costly. Operational costs will also be low because of the lack of friction (little wear and tear), the long lifespan of the tunnels (100-200 years) and low personnel costs.

Landscape and Environment
The VacTrain® runs underground and has little or no impact on the Cities, Landscapes and Environment. It is CO2 neutral.