Safe Investments in a Sustainable Future

The VacTrain®  fulfills the demands of our civilisation in the present and in the forseeable future.
will serve the global market for intercity and transcontinental transportation systems in the 21st Century and beyond,
analogue the Railway, Automobile and Aviation since the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Our Objective is to develop the VacTrain® and make the technology available to Countries around the World. A rapid proliferation will benefit all Stakeholders. They can build tunnels on their own land and operate their own VacTrain® Networks. We will offer neutral advisory services and the key components (switches, airlocks, vehicles, etc.).

The VacTrain® offers lucrative, safe and solid long term investments. Construction will be less expensive than High-Speed Rail (thin affordable tunnels) and the operation will be more profitable. Depreciation will be very low (0.5-1.0%) due to the long lifespan of the tunnels (100-200 years) and Maintenance costs will be low due to the lack of friction (little wear & tear).

The feasibility of Swissmetro, SwissMetro-NG and the VacTrain® were confirmed by the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH), by ETH Professor Heinrich Brändli, ETH Professor Jorg Waldvogel, and by recognised Swiss engineering consultants.

The Global Market
Transportation Infrastructure in the magnitude of USD 2’000 Billion per year will be required to reduce CO2-Emissions to Net-Zero by 2040, according to McKinsey.
The following High-Speed Rail Projects alone account for over CHF 500 Billion (USA-NEC: USD 151 Billion; USA-California-HSR: USD 52 Billion; GB-High Speed 2: GBP 56 Billion; CH-SwissMetro-NG: CHF 20-25 Billion; GCC-Gulf Railway: USD 240 Billion). They can be replaced by VacTrain® networks at a fraction of the costs.