Safe Investments in a Sustainable Future

The VacTrain  fulfills all conceivable demands of our civilisation in the present day and age, and in the forseeable future.
is expected to dominate the global market for intercity transportation systems in the 21st Century and beyond,
analogue the Railway, Automobile and Aeroplane since the 19th Century.

Our Ambition is to develop the VacTrain Technology to market readiness and export it to Countries around the World. The financial success will come, sooner or later, considering the technological headstart which the VacTrain already has, and the magnitude of the markets. We would like to accelerate our R & D significantly and are offering investors interesting Conditions.

The Global Market
The global market for high-performance Intercity transportation systems is estimated in the magnitude of many CHF Trillion (High-Speed Rail viaducts and stations, Highways, Airport infrastructure, Aircraft, etc.). The following selection of proposed projects with High-Speed Rail alone would account for over CHF 500 Billion
(USA-NEC: USD 151 Billion; USA-California-HSR: USD 52-98 Billion; GB-High Speed 2: GBP 56 Billion; CH-SwissMetro-NG: CHF 20-25 Billion; GCC-Gulf Railway: USD 240 Billion) and even a small market share is interesting at these magnitudes. VacTrain projects will have overwhelming advantages (costs, speeds, capacity, expropiations, environment, etc.) and can thus expect to replace some of them.

The feasibility of Swissmetro and the VacTrain / SwissMetro-NG have been confirmed many times over by the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (EPFL and ETHZ), by ETH Professor Heinrich Brändli, ETH Professor Jorg Waldvogel, and by many highly recognised engineering consultants (see next page: info).

The launch of the next stage of Research, Development and Marketing can be done with a modest Sum. This would already permit some publicity and presentations to potential clients. The total costs to market readiness is comparatively low (Estimate of EPFL + ETHZ). It is only a small fraction of the global market Volume (0.1 %). In comparison R & D Costs of innovative projects (Boeing 787, Airbus 380, etc.) are usually in the magnitude of 5 % of the Market Volume. The VacTrain promises to become an extremely lucrative, safe and solid long term investment.

Business Management
The business side of the VacTrain Project will be managed by competent partners (Business Development, Investor Relations, Marketing, Accounting, etc.) to allow our scientists and engineers to dedicate themselves to the Development of an outstanding product for the Global Market.