Founders of the STR-Institute:
The Swiss Transportation Research Institute Ltd. was founded to accommodate the conceptional Research and Development of the VacTrain and the Patent Protection of the critical Components with the support of ETH Professor Heinrich Brändli and numerous other scientists and engineers. Members of the board are:
Aurelius Christian Bahman, Materials Scientist (member)
Matthias Schifferli, Dipl. Ing. ETH / SIA / VSS (member)
Ramon Alexander Bahman, Dr. Ing. ETH / PhD (president)

Inventors of the Vacuum Train / VacTrain:
The vacuum-train is attributed to Robert Goddard (WPI-Thesis 1905; patent 1945).
It was re-invented by Rodolphe Nieth for his Swissmetro project (1974).
The Feasibility of Swissmetro was confirmed by Prof. Marcel Jufer at the EPFL + ETHZ (1980-2009)
The VacTrain Project was initiated by Aurelius and Ramon Bahman (2010)

SwissMetro-NG Project:
The  Swissmetro-NG project aims to connect the Swiss urban Centres with a system which reflects our modern time and age. It is based on the technology developed by Rodolphe Nieth and the EPFL and ETHZ (1974-2009), and by the Swiss Transportation Research Institute (since 2010). It is being promoted by the non-profit SwissMetro-NG association:



Address (ZH):
Swiss Transportation Research Institute
Obere Buhlstrasse 21, CH-8700 Kusnacht-ZH

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