Swiss Transportation Research Institute Ltd.
Rahana Schuler-Karim, head of promotion.
Ramon Alexander Bahman, technical director.
8700 Kusnacht-ZH, Switzerland
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The vacuum-train is attributed to Robert Goddard (WPI-Thesis 1905; patent application 1945).
It was re-invented by Rodolphe Nieth for the Swissmetro project (1974).
The VacTrain Project was initiated by Aurelius, Severin and Ramon Bahman (2010)

The feasibility of Swissmetro, VacTrain® and SwissMetro-NG was confirmed many times over:
Rodolphe Nieth, Report on the Prospects of an integrated Metro across the whole of Switzerland (1980)
Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology – ETH, Swissmetro Final Report (1999)
Heinrich Brandli, Professor em. ETH (2015).
Jorg Waldvogel, Professor em. ETH (2022).
Matthias Schifferli, Dipl. Ing. ETH / SIA / VSS, CEO and leading Engineer at Schifferli Ltd (2020).
Conrad Jauslin, Dipl. Ing. ETH, MSc. and PhD, University of Colorado, President of Jauslin + Stebler Ltd (2022).

SwissMetro-NG Project:
The Swissmetro-NG project aims to connect the Swiss urban Centres with a system which reflects our modern time and age. It is based on the technology developed by the ETH (1974-2009), and by the Swiss Transportation Research Institute (since 2010). It is being promoted by the non-profit SwissMetro-NG association: