Solutions and Patents

The STR-Institute has developed solutions for the critical problems pertaining to vacuum-trains. Patents for the key inventions were either already granted or are still pending in all relevant countries of the world.  The principles and the basic design are vital for all vacuum-trains. They will be made available to the SwissMetro-NG project and to our foreign clients. Some are listed in the following:

The VacTrain® Switch is analogue the railway switch. It permits vehicles to change direction by guiding them from one track (or direction) to another without having to stop and without having to leave the vacuum in the pipes / tunnels. It permits the construction of networks to serve whole countries or continents.

The VacTrain® Airlock permits passengers to cross the vacuum gap between the vehicles and the wall of the pipes / tunnels at stations in comfort and safety.

The VacTrain® Pipes and Tunnels can maintain the vacuum in the pipes / tunnels indefinitely.

The VacTrain® Safety Seals can close off pipes / tunnels to evacuate passengers in emergencies (earthquake, etc.) and for maintenance.

The VacTrain® heat control system permits a simple elimination of heat in the vehicles and other systems.

A simple description of the patents is available on request.  The documentation in the original legal language is available on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization:

Our patent agents are the renowned patent attorneys,  E. Blum & Co. Ltd. in CH-8044 Zurich: E. Blum & Co. Ltd.