R & D

Research and Development

Our Research and Development has led to significant technological breakthroughs for Intercity and Transcontinental  Transportation Systems. The fundamentals of engineering cover a very wide area relating to the design of vehicles, tracks, stations and networks. This know-how will be applied to the development of our VacTrain® System and to the SwissMetro-NG project.

  • Comfort of Passengers in the Vehicle
  • Safety of Passengers in the Cabin Atmosphere
  • Levitation, Guidance and Propulsion Systems
  • Structural Design of Vehicles
  • Principles and Parameters of Track Design
  • Vacuum, Pressurization and Emergency Systems

Subjects relating to ultra-speed transportation in general were also examined.

  • Global Transportation Demand until the Year 2300
  • Sustainability of Systems for high and ultra-speed transportation
  • Transportation Capacity in Relation to Demand
  • Environmental Compatibility
  • Economic Feasibility