Solutions and Patents

The Solutions are ready and they are now protected by Patents the World over

We have developed the Universal Solutions for the problems pertaining to Vacuum-Trains. Some are listed below. Patents have been granted in all relevant countries of the world (Australia, USA, EU, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, China, etc.)

The Universal VacTrain Switch
is analogue the railway switch (I: Interruttore della Ferrovia / D: Weiche). It allows vehicles to change direction by guiding them from one track (or direction) to another. It permits a drive-through operation without reducing speed on the main line and with slightly reduced speeds in the secondary direction. It is safe and permits networks to serve whole countries or continents.

The Universal VacTrain Airlock
All vacuum-trains must have a Vacuum Gap between the Vehicle and the Walls of the Tunnels. The Universal VacTrain Airlock permits passengers to cross this gap at stations to board the Vehicle in comfort and safety. It is very quick and reliable.

Vacuum Compatible Tunnels and Pipes
They are affordable and can maintain the vacuum indefinitely. The surface is sealed with a vacuum compatible Bi-Metal Lining.

VacTrain Safety Seals
The VacTrain Safety Seals can close off tunnel cross-sections to isolate select lengths of track. They can then be flooded with air to allow the evacuation of passengers in emergencies (earthquake, etc.). They will also be used for maintenance.

The Heat Control System
The heat control system permits the regulation of heat in the vehicles and technical systems, despite isolation by the vacuum.

Emergency Stations
Emergency Stations will be positioned at intervalls on long tracks to reduce the time required to get to a station for evacuations in emergencies. A length of track (500m long) will be isolated with safety seals at its two ends and re-pressurised to normal atmospheric pressure to allow passengers to disembark directly on to a perron. Airlocks will not be required.

Some documentation about our Inventions is available on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization:

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