Test Track and Speed Records

The Test Track of the STR-Institute is being designed in cooperation with the SwissMetro-NG Association and with our partners and sponsors.

The main objective is to perform research on a real scaled down version of the VacTrain system and develop and refine the vital fundamentals of engineering. This research will be complimentary to computer simulations in virtual reality and would serve the calibration of the results with the physical reality. This is a new field of research as little is known on the subject.

The test track will permit ground-breaking experiments relating to vehicles traveling at high speeds in a low-pressure environment, eg. the aerodynamic resistance of a vehicle in a tunnel as a function of pressure and geometric factors. It will permit studies of clothoid transition curves and the stability of vehicles (comfort of passengers) going into and coming out of curves (horizontal wave motion). The results will be vital for the design of the SwissMetro-NG infrastructure for Switzerland as well as for the export of the system to other countries.

Speed Club
The test track would coincidentally be suitable to set new world speed records for unmanned not-to-scale vehicles. The speed club is an independent group of engineers and students who are supported by the STR-Institute and its sponsors.