Our Values and our Heroes

We support philanthropic causes, whilst our team of supporters, scientists and engineers take their inspiration from our heroes of the past and present. We aspire to be as kind, honest, decent and generous.

Hermann and Erica Sailer, Cleft Children International – CCI
We support the kind and generous efforts of Professor Dr. Dr. Dr. mult. Hermann Sailer and Dr. Erica Sailer with their Cleft Children International. They are investing their valuable talent, time and effort in clinics in the less wealthy countries of the world, where they train and support doctors and staff to treat children suffering from Cleft, free of charge.

Nelson Mandela
After 27 years of imprisonment, Nelson Mandela had the heart and courage to forgive his oppressors. He helped to overcome apartheid and led the people of his country with a vision of peace and equality for all. Then, at the pinnacle of influence and power, he had the greatness to give up his authority and privilege as a sign of respect for democratic values.

Bill Gates
After becoming the wealthiest person in the world, Bill Gates dedicated his abilities and fortune to improve the conditions of the poor people of the world with his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Martin Luther King
Civil Rights Activist. “I have a dream . . . . “

Muhammad Ali
Three times world heavyweight champion and civil rights activist.