“There is No Planet B”

We live on the only habitable planet known to mankind. It is thus not a good idea to make a mess of it:
“Do not chop on the branch of the tree on which you are sitting.”

The VacTrain can reduce the Carbon Footprint of Transportation in Switzerland and on a Global Scale.
Whilst simultaneously improving the Speeds (total travel time) and the Quality of Service for the general Public.

The VacTrain is environmentally friendly, climate neutral and fully sustainable. It is expected to draw Traffic away from
Short-Haul Aviation and Intercity Highways and thus make a significant contribution towards resolving the Climate Crisis. 

Our systems and technology will be made available to all countries of the world. Immediate global action is necessary to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and Switzerland is leading the way with its SwissMetro-NG Project (see next page).

Initiatives to increase the market-share of Public Transportation in Switzerland as a means to improve the Services and simultaneously to reduce CO2 Emissions in the country were already successfully launched in parliament:

Link:Parliamentary Decision 19.4443 – 19.4446: Action plan to increase the market-share of public transportation

Switzerland and most Countries of the world (total 197 parties) have already committed themselves to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and are thus expected to adopt similar legislation and realise corresponding construction projects.

Link: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Sustainability and Carbon Neutral ultra-fast Intercity Travel can become a reality sooner rather than later with the VacTrain.