“There is No Planet B”

The VacTrain / SwissMetro-NG is environmentally friendly, climate neutral and fully sustainable. It is expected to draw Traffic away from Short-Haul Aviation, Intercity Highways and Railways and thus reduce the Carbon Footprint of Transportation in Switzerland and abroad. It is thus expected to make a significant contribution towards resolving the Climate Crisis. 

We will be making our VacTrain systems and technology available to all countries of the world. The Climate Crisis is urgent and requires immediate action on a global scale. Switzerland is already planning ahead with SwissMetro-NG. More detailled information is available on the website of the SwissMetro-NG association:

We inherited a beautiful planet from our forefathers. It has an atmosphere with Oxygen and it supports life. We are now the caretakers and have to hand the same beautiful planet over to our children and grandchildren. The surface is the place for us and for the flora and fauna. Infrastructure for energy supply, transportation, etc. can go underground to avoid a negative impact on the cities and landscapes.